MasterLine Dosing Pump

easy and accurate dosing
compatible with 200, 500, 1000 ml bottles

can be reused with a minimum of maintenance

About this product

  • Precisely dispense 1.2 ml or 5 ml of MasterLine liquids with a single push
  • Dose 50% of the standard volume by half pressing the pump
  • It can be reused after the solution is exhausted, it is not necessary to purchase a new pump
  • Compatible with all 200, 500 and 1000 ml MasterLine bottles
  • It offers the possibility to close the circuit by turning the head
  • Avoid using the pump with KH Minus solution
  • Shorten the hose for 200 and 500 ml bottles
  • Before screwing the pump on the bottle, remove the remaining seal after unscrewing the cap
  • Before use, rotate the pump head to unlock
  • To prevent salt deposits, rinse the pump head in the aquarium after each use

Awesome People Use MasterLine

Aquarists all over the world are using MasterLine with great success