MasterLine Purity

cleans the water by absorbing the very fine impurities
filter medium complementary to biological filter media

increases the oxygen concentration in the aquarium
contributes to a stronger pearling effect

About this product

  • Prevents the formation of ammonia and nitrite by absorbing organic matter
  • Contributes to increasing the oxygen concentration and intensifies the pearling effect
  • Clears the water in the aquarium and prevents the formation of algae
  • Reduces the concentration of organic matter dissolved in water
  • After loading with organic matter, it can be regenerated, which allows a longer use
  • Perfectly compatible with MasterLine Zip Bag
  • Minimum recommended amount for rarer regenerations: 100 ml Purity per 100 liters of water
  • Regenerate the bag with Purity every 2-3 months, in a plastic container with 5% bleach
  • Use bleach in a volume twice the volume of the filtering medium (for example 500 ml bleach 5% for 250 ml Purity)
  • Leave the bag in this solution for an hour and stir every 10 minutes
  • After regeneration, rinse well with water and keep the bag for 24 hours in a container with water and 50 ml of dechlorination solution
  • Repeat dechlorination if it still smells like bleach. Reuse it only after the bleach smell disappears completely
  • Store the product in a moist state in an airtight container, away from children and pets
  • For aquarium use only

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