MasterLine Safe Water

neutralizes chlorine and chloramine
neutralizes heavy metals
up to 15 times more concentrated than other similar products

safe for all forms of aquatic life
contains a graduated measuring cup from 2.5 to 20 ml

About this product

  • Instantly removes toxic substances such as chlorine, chloramine and heavy metals found in tap water
  • Maintains the health of fish and invertebrates after water changes. They no longer breathe at the surface
  • Prevents the decrease in the number of beneficial bacteria (decycling) after a major water change
  • Eliminates the need to store water in containers for dechlorination by evaporation
  • The recommended dosage makes the substance up to 15 times more economical than similar ones
  • MasterLine Safe Water contains chlorine, chloramine and heavy metals removal solutions
  • 1 ml / 30 L for the volume of new water
  • Dose it according to the instructions, before filling the aquarium with water
  • For new aquariums, dose for the entire volume of water
  • For partial water changes, dose for the volume of water changed
  • Do not contaminate the solution with aquarium water
  • Do not ingest and keep out of reach of children and pets
  • Store at room temperature. Protect from light, heat and frost
  • For aquarium use only

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