MasterLine Spring Cut

stainless steel aquascaping scissors
ergonomic design, created for fine trims

due to the spring, after pressing, it returns to its original position
15 cm total length

About this product

  • Used for trims that require a high degree of fineness
  • Made of stainless steel, subsequently polished
  • Ergonomic shape and very low weight
  • Striped area for a good grip
  • Can cut plants positioned in hard to reach places
  • Operated with only 3 fingers
  • Automatically returns to its original position after pressing
  • Pay attention to the sharp tip and edges
  • Use the product only for the process of pruning aquatic plants
  • Store away from children
  • Avoid getting gravel or sand between the edges

Awesome People Use MasterLine

Aquarists all over the world are using MasterLine with great success