MasterLine Zip bag

synthetic bag for fine filter media
flat shape to maximize the contact area

quick and easy zipper closure
resistant to acids and hypochlorite

About this product

  • Zipper closure, all made of plastic
  • Rigid seams to prevent leakage of filter media from the bag
  • Very fine synthetic material, 250 microns that allows water to circulate easily
  • Can be reused multiple times
  • The material is not affected by chlorine or acids
  • It keeps its flat shape, which helps the water to have a good contact with the entire contents of the bag
  • Make sure the zipper is fully closed
  • Keep the filter media inside and only rinse with water
  • Do not use sharp-edged filter media
  • Use size S for about 250 ml of filter media
  • Use size L for about 500 ml of filter media

Awesome People Use MasterLine

Aquarists all over the world are using MasterLine with great success